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Terms of Enrolment 

Please tick the following to indicate that you have read and agree to Dare 2 Dance's (D2D) terms of enrolment 

I understand that there is an annual Sign On fee of $20.00 per student

I understand that fees are payable termly in advance (in accordance with Coomera Anglican College's term dates)

I understand that payment may be made to D2D by way of cash or bank transfer

I understand that a late fee of $50.00 will be incurred for fees that are received after Week 4 of any given school term. I also understand that fees that remain unpaid at the end of Week 8 will attract a late fee of $100.00

I understand that if fees remain outstanding for a whole term, my child will not be allowed to attend classes the following term until they have been paid in full. 

I understand that there are no credits or refunds for missed classes, however students are welcome to ‘make up’ the lesson with a comparable class

I understand that D2D staff are to be informed via text message, phone call or email if my child is not attending their dance lesson that day

I understand that the cancellation of my child’s enrolment or class must be done prior to the commencement of a term otherwise I will be liable for that termly fee.

I understand that notice must be given to D2D in the event that I choose to cancel my child’s enrolment

I understand that all dancers must be correctly and neatly dressed and groomed for all lessons (as per the Uniform Requirement Sheet)

I understand that all choreography and dance sequences remain the intellectual property of D2D and cannot be used outside of the studio without written permission from D2D

I understand that D2D has the right to discontinue enrolment at its discretion 

I understand that D2D is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our teachers, students, parents/guardians and visitors. In the case of injury, I will be contacted. In the event of a medical emergency an ambulance will be called and I will be notified immediately

I hereby agree to the above terms of enrolment as set out by D2D 

Your enrolment has been submitted