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Classes Available

Coomera Anglican College

We proudly offer Foundation Prep Dance, Classical Ballet, Jazz,  Hip Hop, Cheer, Aerobics & Lyrical.

Foundation Dance 


Our Foundation Dance classes are specially designed to give both girls and boys an introduction to the wonderful world of dance.

We cover the basics of all dance genres, working on gross motor skills, co-ordination, posture, rhythm, technique, movement, mime and confidence, all explored in a caring and fun environment.


Our jazz classes are high energy workouts that combine strengthening, toning, flexibility and technique. 

The classes are structured to include a warm-up, jazz technique and a routine  all of which are taught in a fun and energetic environment with the latest top 40 hits on the playlist. 

Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of all technical dance forms. Ballet instills good work ethic, etiquette, perseverance, dedication, discipline, flexibility and strength. Ballet helps you understand your body better, teaches posture, grace and builds long lean muscles. Dancers work hard in ballet but the results are worth it. At D2D we offer syllabus based classes in the international Cecchetti method. 


Lyrical dance combines techniques of classical ballet and jazz, as well as some modern elements. These classes are for dancers who like precision and rhythm, physical challenges, and personal style and expression particularly with lyrically expressive songs. Exercises focus on increasing flexibility and strength, rhythms and isolation of body parts, and expressing personal style.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes focus on the latest trends in the hip hop dance world and combine co-ordination and isolation to achieve a fun and powerful class. Get down and groovy with our gorgeous hip hop teachers as you learn the latest trends.


We offer cheer classes that combine basic dance moves with fast and varied arm choreography, floor patterning and the use of poms.


The classes are fun and energetic and work on improving ones aerobic ability as well as basic stunting. 


Our aerobics classes are high impact sessions that build on foundation steps and exercises with the aim of creating routines. and short combinations.

The classes focus on agile movement patterns, strength and flexibility whilst building endurance  in a fast paced environment. 

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