2021 Performance Troupe Audition:   Saturday 6th February

Performance Troupe Age Grid (for 2021):

6 & Under: Born 2014 - 2016

9 & Under: Born 2011 - 2016

12 & Under: Born 2008 - 2013

16 & Under: Born 2004 - 2011

19 & Under: Born 2011 - 2009

General Information:

At Dare 2 Dance, we offer the opportunity for students to be a part of our competition teams (Year 1 - Year 12). Auditions are held at the start of Term 1 each year, where the judging panel looks for technique, personality / stage presence and retention of choreography.

We pride ourselves on creating well-rounded, hard-working, humble dancers. Dare 2 Dance enters many different competitions & eisteddfods each year, allowing our dancers the opportunity to gain confidence, improve technique, be disciplined and respectful both on and off the stage, and most importantly have fun with our D2D family. 

When planning to audition please consider:

Expectations | If you are successful at the audition and you accept our offer to join these performance team/s you will be representing Saint Stephen's College as well as Dare 2 Dance. It is expected that you attend every rehearsal. If, for whatever reason, two or more rehearsals are missed we may have to reconsider your place in the team/s. Successful students in Yr 4 and above are expected to take the extension class Stretch & Technique on Monday afternoons. Those students who accept our offer will be placed into teams at the discretion of the Principal at Dare 2 Dance i.e. Your son/daughter may be expected to partake in more than one troupe. 


Fees | Performance Troupe termly fees are an addition to regular class fees. Note the added costs:

  • Competition Entry costs - you will be responsible for the payment of entry fees to all competitions that Dare 2 Dance enters. These fees will be invoiced separately. 

  • Costumes - all routines will require a costume for competitions (sourced by D2D and invoiced separately). 

  • Travel - some competitions take our students to various parts of South East Queensland, please take into consideration the cost of travel as you will be required to arrange your own transport and accomodation. 


Below is a list of competitions Dare 2 Dance has entered in previous years. Please note, these are subject to change annually:

  • Gold Coast Eisteddfod 

  • Beenleigh Eisteddfod

  • TFT: DanceStar, 100% Cheer, Schoolaerobics and Glee!

  • Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF)

  • DCE Asia Grand Pacific Internationals 

  • Dance Life Unite 

Solos / Duos (for members of Performance Teams ONLY):

All students wanting to have a dance solo in 2019 must be taking class in that specific genre and have successfully auditioned for performance troupe. If you are wanting a solo in 2019 and meet these requirements, please contact Dare 2 Dance via email stating: 

  • Preference of genre (e.g. lyrical, jazz, contemporary etc) 

  • Preference of teacher 


Please note: we will aim to place you with the genre / teacher of your choice, however please be aware that this is under the discretion of Dare 2 Dance. Limited spaces are available. 


Private Lessons vs. Solos 

Private lessons are an opportunity for students to work on specific skills and improve technique (e.g. before a ballet exam) whereas a solo lesson is purely choreographing and rehearsing a routine for a competition (e.g. TFT / eisteddfods). Both options come at the expense of the parent. 

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