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Each year, Dare 2 Dance enters students into examinations: Cecchetti Ballet & ATOD Contemporary exams are on offer. We believe that these examinations give students a goal to work towards each year allowing them to grow in confidence, increase self-discipline and learn how to work hard. We pride ourselves on our 100% pass rate each year and are always extremely proud of our students excellent results. Entering dance exams is at the discretion of D2D, we will notify parents if their child is ready to sit an exam. We also offer these classes recreationally, with no pressure being added to participate in examinations - this is entirely up to the students and the parents to decide. 


Cecchetti Ballet Examinations:

We offer exams to ballet students in Year 1 - Year 12. Students from Year 3 onwards wishing to sit an exam need to be attending 2 ballet lessons per week. Examiners travel from all over Australia to examine our students, and are always very complimentary not only on our students ability, but their manners and respect towards the examiner and each other. 

ATOD Contemporary Examinations:

Contemporary classes and exams are offered to students Year 5 and above in the ATOD method. Classes cover syllabus work alongside technique and choreography. 

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